4 Yoga Poses That Will Change You



If you Bike, Move, and Lift a lot, below are some incredibly beneficial poses that you should consider trying at home and working on consistently in your Flow practice. They will make you stronger and increase mobility and flexibility in your body to keep you doing the things you love for a long time!

1. Chaturanga

You might hate to love this one, but the benefits of this pose are enormous! For one it builds core stability. Those who lack core-strength are more likely to complain of back injuries and postural weaknesses. It strengthens your arms, wrists and it’s incredibly valuable for building strength in the shoulders, back, and legs… a majority of people suffer from shoulder or back pain in some capacity and this pose is an effective alternative to medicines and operations to keep the body in good health. Lastly, if you have a desire to go up to the next level with more advanced yoga poses then this is your foundational move to help you up the ante! Work to perfect it and ask your coach how to enhance your chaturanga so you can watch your strength improve.


2. Upward Facing Dog

Up-Dog—like chaturanga—is  one you will do again and again when you Flow with us. It strengthens the spine, arms and wrists and improves posture by stretching the anterior spine. It is strengthening and helping with flexibility in just one move. It stimulates the organs and abdomen as well as stretches the chest, lungs, and shoulders. This move is known to help relieve depression, fatigue, and pain and can be incredibly beneficial to increase lung capacity.

Upward Facing Dog

3. Deep Squat

(This pose is not given enough credit, in my opinion!)

This pose works on hip mobility which is so important as we age. The tighter our hips get the less mobility we have for rotation and often the lack of rotation can make someone end up with back pain or joint/muscle pain as the muscles in the surrounding areas of the hip work to overcompensate for the lack of movement. This pose can help virtually the entire lower body. It opens the hips, stretches the hamstrings, back and ankles. It will also strengthen the glutes, calf muscles, core and lower back.

Deep Squat

4. Seated Forward Fold

This pose stretches the lower and upper back and hamstrings; it opens the ENTIRE body, teaches you to breathe while in an uncomfortable position, and helps with headaches, anxiety and helps you sleep better. This is a great one to do before bed! Get in the pose and hold for 8-10 slow inhales and exhales.

Seated Forward Fold

Add these poses to your routine and watch them change you!

Coach Ali

-Coach Ali