New this week in MOVE!

You might see something new in MOVE this week.

ViPR’s have been sitting on the turf since we opened but we have been waiting to bring them out to play. Now is the time! If you are attending any of Coach Meagan or Coach Ali’s classes, you will see them in your workout this week.

A few things to know about the ViPR’s:

The ViPR (which stands for Vitality, Performance, and Reconditioning) was  developed by Michol Dalcourt—a Canadian trainer who specialized in working with hockey teams. One day he noticed a difference between the farm kids and the city kids. The farm kids were beating the city kids to the puck. This got Michol thinking, what was different in the training of the farm and non-farm athletes? TRAINING IN MULTIPLE DIRECTIONS! So often we can get stuck in linear movements like squats, lunges, push-ups, biking, etc. Athletes don’t move in the linear plane, they must be able to twist, rotate and get their body stable to be successful. This is where the ViPR was born, it’s a training tool you grip in numerous places and lift while moving in multiple directions. This style of training is called LOADED MOVEMENT TRAINING; it is amazing work for your core but also the small stabilizer muscles around your joints. Ultimately this allows us to be stronger and more stable and it’s a killer ab workout. If you lift and throw a bale of hay you are not moving in one plane of motion (hence the farm kid comment); you are twisting, rotating, and moving a heavy load through space. This is what our bodies are designed to do and this week we will do just that!

Come MOVE with me!


Click on the video below for a sneak peek!