Two Ways to Work on Mobility

Whether you know this or not your brain is ALWAYS working to keep you safe and from getting hurt. The main job of your brain is to protect and survive. You may have other priorities like running, swimming or lifting weights but that doesn’t mean your brain has the same priorities and often times it’s your brain that is putting a stop to your mobility when it comes to physical fitness.

There are usually two reasons your brain will keep you from mobility:

1. Lack of Strength in a Specific Position or Range:

If you are weak in a specific range of motion your brain is NOT going to allow you to go there and often times will send you a warning sign such as pain to get your attention. The question then becomes how do we get healthier in our range of movement? Little by little you work on it. You must earn the trust of your mind and that will also work to build your strength. Below is one trust building movement that will help to increase this trust AND your strength.

L-Sit to Table Top

Benefits include:

  • Shoulder extension support and stability
  • Hip extension, glute, hamstring and spinal erector activation
  • Coordination throughout the whole body


2. Lack of Use

Have you ever heard someone say if you “don’t use it, you lose it”? This couldn’t be MORE true when it comes to your mobility. If you are not frequently moving into different ranges of motion you will begin to lose that range of motion. If you sit a lot whether at a desk or at home in a chair you will eventually lose the ability to extend and rotate your back and potentially even feel pain. Basically the way your brain sees it is “we haven’t done this movement in weeks so I am not going to expend the energy to do it”.

Cat / Cow


To be mobile and build mobility you need to develop the strength and stability in the ranges you want for the brain to let you go there…you have to couple this with using those ranges frequently or your brain will take the ability to use them away from you. It all comes down to using a joint like a joint and using it often.