Move / Lift / Bike


In 2009, after having her 3rd baby boy, while her husband was heading out for deployment by the US Airforce, Tara stumbled upon group fitness and to say it changed her life would be an understatement, it SAVED her life! After a couple years, a few deployments, and one more baby boy, Tara and her husband made the decision to leave active duty military and move back home to MI. Tara’s heart had been stirred for the new-found passion she had found! Come 2013, after having her 4th boy, she became Group Fitness Certified through AFAA. It has become her PASSION to motivate, inspire, and encourage everyone who comes to her classes and discover their true potential, not only on a bike, lifting some weights, or doing a burpee on the turf…but outside the gym walls too! You give her your time, your sweat, and a good beat…and there’s nothing you can’t accomplish together! The BEST thing is about passion is…it’s contagious!


What is on thing people would be surprised to know about you?

I have lived in 4 states


What is your favorite non-fitness hobby?

Coffee dates & singing


What is one of your guilty pleasures?

Wine or Margaritas