Summer Sizzle Workout

Try this Summer Sizzle Workout!

Sometimes the weather is nice and the desire to be outside and get your sweat on is at the top of the list. First off, know that a “workout” doesn’t always have to be squats and push-ups. Make time for extracurriculars like tennis, swimming, volleyball, etc. Do something physical that gets your heart rate up but is a fun change with a summer vacation schedule or a beautiful sunny weekend! Basically, DIFFERENT IS GOOD!

If you are wanting the workout feel while you are camping with friends, traveling in the RV, or just taking a stay-cation at home with the fam, here is a workout that might be fun for the WHOLE family!

Squats: 16

Reverse Lunge to Lateral Lunge: 16 (8 on each side)

Inch Worm to Push-Up to Burpee: 16

Skaters: 16 total

Narrow (Chattarunga Push-Up) to Down Dog: 16

Repeat 3-5 times!


Coach Ali

-Coach Ali

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