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Does anyone else secretly love being sore? I do! There is something satisfying about doing a hard workout and the next day feeling the work I put in, somehow it makes me feel more accomplished when I wake up sore.

In all reality soreness has become a fitness industry standard but it can be quite misleading. “If you’re a high-level athlete or a seasoned gym-goer, you’re trying all sorts of things to feel soreness, but it gets to a point where it’s not necessary to feel that soreness” – Rondel King, MS, and exercise physiologist at NYU Langone Sports Performance Center.

It’s been noted that muscle soreness does not always equal a good workout and if you aren’t sore after a workout it doesn’t mean that it wasn’t a good workout. Soreness means that you have worked a muscle that hasn’t been worked in a long time or it could mean that muscle didn’t have the endurance to withstand the work you put it under. Sometimes soreness can also mean that your body was not prepped properly beforehand or that you didn’t hydrate properly… your lifestyle, diet and habits affect all this too.

In a lot of ways not being sore is a good thing because it means you have adapted your body and you are doing enough cross training (MOVE, BIKE, FLOW, LIFT) that your body has built up the strength and endurance to withstand. Sometimes it could mean the opposite that you aren’t changing it up enough or doing things differently and pushing yourself.

The biggest key to being sore and making yourself feel better if you are feeling REALLY tight after a workout… DRINK WATER and get moving! It doesn’t need to be a full-on workout the next day after you do feel sore but the more you move like walking or stretching it will break up the lactic acid and make you feel better.

I wanted to share this with you because the cool part of 4G is that we take the thinking out of your workouts for you, we create them in house to be intense and push you and always change in little ways to make you better and stronger. We strongly believe in all 4 of our modalities as being a perfect well-rounded fitness plan, when you can make it into all 4 studios it’s always going to make you better and STRONGER!



Coach Ali

-Coach Ali

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