5 Stretches to Help Relieve Shin Splints

We have been outside for over 2 months now and been hitting the pavement hard with some killer sprints. In result to that if you are not stretching properly and taking care of your feet you may start to experience what is called shin splints. The great news is, this is totally cure able it is just your body asking for a little bit of tender loving care or as simple as needing a new pair of shoes! Follow these stretches below to help you relieve your shin splints and/or prevent them from happening

1. Soleus Stretch Against Wall

You will want to perform this stretch without shoes on. Starting distance from the wall is 1 fist length away, if the stretch is not much you can always back your front foot further away from the wall. Your back foot will be stride halfway back. Place both hands on the wall and bend your front knee to touch the wall. Both heels should be grounded.

2. Roll Out Feet

It is best to use a tennis or lacrosse ball for your feet. You can perform this seated or standing. Roll the ball from front to back and if you find a tender spot make little rocking movements back and forth in the spot. You can intensify the rolling by apply more weight/pressure on that foot.

3. Broken Toe

In a kneeling position, you will tuck your toes under. Sometimes you physically need to grab your toes with your hands to tuck them under and spread to get the most out of the stretch. Sitting upright you will sit your hips back on your heels to rest and all to increase the stretch.

4. Seated Calf Stretch With Towel

You will wrap the towel around the base of your feet and pull the towel in towards your hips. This stretch is focusing more on your gastroc (aka belly of your calf). You can do 1 or 2 feet at a time.

5. Reverse Broken Toe

In a kneeling position, you will untuck your toes so the tops of your feet are resting on the ground. Same as the broken toe pose you will sit your hips back into your heel to get more of a stretch.

Coach Meagan

– Coach Meagan

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