Quarantine Tips from Coach Meagan

Quarantine looks different for each of us.  Many are facing unemployment, many have become home-school teachers overnight, and many are facing quarantine solo. We’re all in this together.  Below are some tips that are working for me!

Get your shopping done – strategically

Avoid unnecessary stress by preparing before you leave the house. Build a list of what you would need during a 14-day period (or week by week). When you’re done, try grouping the items together based on where they’re located in the store. This will limit the time you’re shopping and running around. Stick to what you really need and don’t forget to wash your hands or sanitize after each store and when you return home!

Practice mindfulness- in a way that works for you

Use this time to gain more clarity. Set goals, build a vision board, make a bucket list, work on your breathing, or whatever else allows you to focus on the present. This is a great time to reflect but also to connect. Connect with the people you really care about or ones you have not connected with recently.

Treat yourself- even in small ways

You can pamper yourself without leaving the house. Hop on Pinterest and see what facial products you can create with items you have in your pantry (hint: coconut oil and sugar makes a great scrub)! This is a time to treat yourself while not being on a tight schedule. You are home, you have time, so use it and enjoy it. Play music, diffuse oils or light a candle. Relax.

Get organized- you’ll thank yourself later

I have used this time to do the organizing I said I never had time for! The boxes you’ve relegated to your basement or the back of your closest- go through them and start to get rid of anything that doesn’t “spark joy”! You may even find things you forgot you had!

Spend time with loved ones- now more than ever

Thank goodness for zoom, facetime and other apps that allow us to connect! Plan a game night or eat dinner with each other virtually. This includes the loved ones in your own home, too. For many it’s rare to have a sit-down dinner every night of the week, so embrace this time if you’re quarantined with family.

Stay creative- find something you enjoy

Do you have an old instrument in the basement or a blank canvas? Or a room in your house you have been hoping to redecorate? Use this time to dive into your creative energies! I used to love paint by numbers so I ordered a couple sets from amazon!

Keep your routine- it’ll help now and later

Set your alarm, get up at your regular time, workout, take a shower, get dressed, meditate. Keep your regular routine, whatever it happens to be. This will help you avoid getting into a rut, and will make it easier to transition when quarantine ends.

SWEAT- every. single. day.

Exercise is a crucial factor for your mental health. When you start to feel sluggish, in between conference calls, or before you head to the fridge for another snack- get your body MOVING! Take a brisk walk, do some calf raises in the kitchen, stretch. Schedule your workouts so that you do not miss a day and ALWAYS workout on Mondays to set yourself up for success for the rest of the week. Keep tuning in on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday for LIVE workouts with 4G coaches on Instagram and Facebook!


Coach Meagan

-Coach Meagan