Pre & Post Workout Snacks

What should you eat before your workout to fuel your body for optimal performance? What should you eat after your workout to rejuvenate and repair your muscles? The honest answer here… EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT!

Pre Workout Snacks

Small, lean protein-filled snacks can be beneficial before a workout because protein takes longer to digest. By eating protein prior to physical exertion, you can prevent a crash that can sometimes happen after eating carbs. Need the carbs? Add some protein for the best of both worlds!

-Examples of good pre workout proteins: raw almonds, a protein shake, eggs and chicken sausage.

-Examples of protein + carbs: apple with peanut butter, banana and peanut butter on toast.

-Tip: limit the size of your pre workout snack to 100-200 calories.

Post Workout Snacks

Eating carbs that are high in glucose after a workout can help rejuvenate and replenish your muscles.

-Examples of good post workout carbs- bananas, berries, chocolate milk, smoothies, and pretzels.

Do what works for you.

In general, it’s important to play around with what works best for your body. Try different snacks, and make a note of how you feel- both in the moment and for the rest of the day. You are in the driver’s seat, so although there are a lot of different opinions out there, only you can know what works for you.