Yoga Poses to Benefit Sleep


This time of year can bring extra stress and less sleep which is never a good combination. Continuing to take care of yourself with healthy foods, extra water and getting your workouts in at 4G are crucial to maintaining your health and sanity around the holiday season! Here are a few poses to do at home before bed to help you rest and get a good night’s sleep.

1. Child’s Pose

We always start Flow in this pose because it brings awareness to the sensation of heaviness, the feeling of the weight of your head, arms, torso and legs fully supported. Sitting in this pose for 5 to 10 minutes before bed could help your nervous system to relax and your body to get ready for rest.

Childs Pose

2. Seated Forward Fold

This pose helps to stretch the back of the legs as well as the upper body which allows your muscles to relax. Having the head down and feeling the full support of the floor underneath allows the body to feel supported and more prepared to be in a restful space and sleep for the night.

Seated Forward Fold

3. Legs Up The Wall

This is a classic restorative pose that can be practiced with or without props. Under all circumstances it’s about supporting the nervous system by encouraging the relaxation response. It could be held for 5 minutes or 15 minutes and the results with be a sense of settling in the body with less anxious thoughts.

Legs Up The Wall

Try these poses before bed for a more restful night. Don’t forget to use your breath!

Coach Ali

-Coach Ali