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Weight Loss: No One-Size-Fits-All

There’s no one-size-fits-all method for weight loss.

Stop and think when you read those sweeping statements and general instructions like “Throw away the scale!” or “Don’t count macros! Just eat healthy!” or “You need to have a treat every day!” But also stop and think when you read “You should weigh yourself every day.” and “Counting macros is the best way to lose weight.” and “You should quit sugar cold turkey to get over those cravings!”

We all have our own best way to lose weight. It’s the method that works best for us. However, just because it works best for you doesn’t mean it works best for your friend, or the person who reads your social media post or follows you on Instagram. Even methods that are scientifically proven may “work” for your friend but not for you. Further, what worked for you 2 years ago might not work for you now. Your schedule, lifestyle, emotions, and metabolism might have changed.

Some people do best when they weigh themselves every day. It helps keep them on track, yet, they manage to not become obsessed with that number. Others develop a binge-restrict cycle based on what number they see on the scale every day.

Some people should follow a macros-based meal plan so that they can learn appropriate portion sizes, or so that they can become aware of how much protein they really do need. Others are overwhelmed by the idea of counting macros, but they can lose weight by making different/better food choices, and/or by establishing healthy habits.

There are many more examples of statements that are presented as “absolutes”, as “the best way” to lose weight or put on muscle or improve your health. Yes, of course we are all entitled to our opinion about what works best. And sometimes real-life experiences teach us that one way usually works better than another way. But those opinions and “best” ways cannot be applied to everyone across the board. Remember that there are very few absolutes in the world of weight loss.

Those few absolutes need to be applied in a way that fits your personality, your lifestyle, and your goals. The custom, specific, unique application is what will work best for you. And it’s also how you’ll find success.