Never Skip REST Day

Did you know the reason you might be hitting that plateau could be due to not allowing your body adequate amounts of recovery? Are you buying the lie that equates taking a day off as lazy?

While it’s important to be physically active most days of the week, it is equally as important to give yourself and your body extended periods of rest. Your muscles need time to repair, rebuild, and strengthen – because they don’t grow while you are working out; they grow while you rest (and feed) them between your workouts! 

Your body, when given time, adapts to the stress associated with exercise and when you are consistent with your workouts (and your rest) it becomes better adapted to respond to that stimulus. Thus, you can withstand that stress for longer periods of time and for greater intensity! Who knew that was all happening during your Sunday nap?

Pushing through all the tough workouts we give you here at 4G requires mental toughness and physical stamina, which means not only are you exerting your body, but it can really fatigue your brain as well. Spending a day away from your training environment can give you a psychological break from exercise and help your mind relax, allowing it to recover along with your muscles.

Avoiding rest days can set you up for things like brain fog, depleted energy, stress injuries and over training – which will eventually FORCE you to take some rest days whether you like it or not! When athletes (yes, we are talking to you!) can recover, they can hit that next workout with maximum performance.

So, you have permission from us here at 4G to take a day off! We care not only for your physical body but for your mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.


-Coach Tara

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