Move / Lift / Bike


Mandy always considered herself as a shy and introverted girl, but always somehow knew that teaching group fitness classes was meant for her. She was exposed to fitness classes at a young age through her mother and as she grew older, she started taking them herself. As her love for group fitness grew she realized she could be an instructor. Blessed with a beautiful baby girl, her daughter, Bella, was born with multiple disabilities and medical issues. This made her realize she needed to be strong for Bella both mentally and physically. Because of this she overcame her apprehension and became an instructor! It has not only made Mandy stronger inside and out, but has also taught her so many things she never anticipated. She loves creating a community within her classes and inspiring her students to tap deep within themselves to take them places they never thought a workout could take them. Mandy looks forward to challenging, inspiring, and changing YOU, the same way fitness has done for her!


What is your favorite quote?

“Through pain comes strength”


What is your favorite non-fitness hobby?



What is your favorite way to decompress?

Comfy clothes, blanket and country music