6 At-Home Core Exercises


Summer is coming!

Every single class at 4G has a huge emphasis on training your core every time you come in to work out. One of the cool things about getting a stronger mid-section is that it’s not about how many crunches you do but adding variety to your workouts (which you obviously get at 4G) and doing things that are going to work your abs in different planes of motion. If you are looking for a little extra kick-your-butt core work, check out the below and try it a couple days a week at home!

Do 30 seconds each for 3 rounds!

  • Plank Jack w/ Alt Shoulder Tap
  • Side Plank to Plank Up w/ Reach
  • Single Leg Knee Grab
  • Long Leg Raise
  • Crossover Mtn. Climbers
  • Toe Touch w/ Straight Legs to Bent Knee Ankle Touch



Coach Ali

-Coach Ali

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