Flow Team

If you haven’t taken Flow yet, you should! We teach a heavy breath-based practice that helps to build strength not only in your body but your mind. This practice increases flexibility, balance, and overall body awareness. We are so thrilled to have the education and expertise behind this program from AM yoga studio. Ashley and Mali co-own their studio in Grand Rapids and have come alongside 4G to create an amazing Flow product. You will find that our Flow workout has a fitness feel to it, you will sweat and work hard on the front half and on the back half we focus more on balance, core training, and restoring the body with some stretching. Together Ashley and Mali have over 15 years of yoga experience and they have trained hundreds of people how to teach this style of yoga and taught thousands of classes. All 4G Athletic’s Flow coaches are trained under AM’s 200-hour RYT Yoga certification and we couldn’t be more grateful to have their expertise at 4G!

There is a science and an intention behind the way we teach this format, it is meant to wake up the body and ultimately make you feel better; yoga is known for helping with things like obesity, anxiety, depression, and stress… make Flow a part of your week every week. Check out the 4G Flow coaches below!

Ashley Flow Yoga Coach


Has practiced for 11 years and been teaching for 8. Her favorite pose is “handstand because it requires you to have full awareness of your body which requires a lot of patience”

Mali Flow Yoga Coach


Has practiced for 7 years and has been teaching for 6. Her favorite pose is handstand and if you follow her on Instagram you can watch her handstand wherever she goes!

Shannon Flow Yoga Coach


Has practiced for 4 years and has been teaching for 6 months. Her favorite pose is wheel “it’s harder the older you get, and I know how great it is for my spine and I want to live until I’m 101”

Becky Flow Yoga Coach


Has practiced for 4 years and has been teaching for 3.5 years. Her favorite pose is currently half moon “I love the way I can open my body using strength, balance and breathe”

Gabriella Flow Yoga Coach


Has been practicing for as long as she can remember but practicing daily for 2.5 years and teaching for 1 year. Her favorite pose is fish “it opens my heart and makes me feel vulnerable”

Ashlee Flow Yoga Coach


Has been practicing yoga for 16 years and has been teaching for 4. She says her favorite pose is the crow because “I like finding the edge and creating a shift in perspective”

Kim Flow Yoga Coach


Has practiced for 5 years and been teaching for just under a year. Her favorite pose is tree “I feel fully connected to each part of my body, firmly rooted to the ground and reaching through to my highest sources of potential”

Meagan Flow Yoga Coach


Has been teaching since December after going through AM Yoga Studios 200hr RYT training in the fall. “ I love to be challenged and of course shooting back a crow pose is such an awesome feeling when you land it!”

Ali Flow Yoga Coach


Has been teaching since December after going through AM Yoga Studios 200hr RYT training in the fall. Her favorite pose is crescent lunge twist “once I get to this part of the practice I always feel so much better and lighter”