These are a few of our favorite things!

4G Favorite Things

4G coaches got together and made a list of our favorite fitness things for YOU! Sometimes it’s nice to know what other people use, so here is our 4G list of all things fitness-related that we LOVE!

Favorite Leggings

  • Coach Becky: Lululemon Align – “They don’t get in my way while I’m practicing. No need to hike or pick out.”
  • Coach Melissa B: “Lulu Align, but for spin the Wunder Under because the fabric holds up better!”
  • Coach Meagan: “Lululemon Pace Rival Crop because they last FOREVER, and I can wear them for any type of activity!”

Favorite Mat

  • Coach Becky: “Lululemon. It’s sticky from the start. It’s one of the only pieces of ‘equipment’ I need, so with a daily practice I just plan on replacing every 12-18 months.”
  • Coach Leah: “Manduka Eco (no slipping and natural material).”
  • Coach Ali: “Manduka Eco Light – I like that it’s so thin and I can travel with it and its grip is really good.”

Favorite Shoes

  • Coach Joel: “Favorite running shoe – Nike Free RN Flyknit; it’s thin light, fits like a glove. I hate running in bulky shoes. I also use them for Bike.”
  • Coach Melissa H: “Nikes!”
  • Coach Nick: “For Lift I can wear any athletic shoe, for Move I need to wear a pair of running shoes that are nice and broken in.”

Favorite Water Bottle

  • Coach Joel: “4G (Klean Kanteen) – ever since I got one, I haven’t used anything else; it’s sturdy, keeps things cold, and has an easy-to-use top on it.”
  • Coach Leah: “Klean Kanteen – I love metal water bottles and these last forever!! Even my kids use them.”
  • Coach Ali: “Yeti is where it’s at; keeps everything so cold or so hot and I love my big camo 32 ounces because I can fit it with ice, and it helps me drink all day.”

Favorite Sports Bra

  • Coach Meagan: “Lululemon Energy Bra – it is the most comfortable sports bra and it also is supportive! The best part is it comes in so many cute colors and patterns. The criss cross back makes for a cute look with an open-back tank top!”
  • Coach Melissa H: “SheFit because of the support and fun colors!”
  • Coach Ali: “I know this sounds super weird but I get a ton of my sports bras from Forever 21, they are inexpensive and they are super supportive and then once they start to wear out a bit I don’t feel bad about buying new because I didn’t spend a fortune on them!”

Favorite Pre- or Post-Workout Meal/Shake or Routine

  • Coach Melissa B: “I do take a pre- and post-workout from the Isagenix line! The Amped Nitro for before and the Amped Recover for after. They work great for me to get my energy up in a healthy way and restore any broken-down muscle with the right amount of BCAAs!!”
  • Coach Meagan: “Arbonne Chocolate Protein Powder – I have a sensitive stomach, and this is one protein powder that does not aggravate me, and it tastes super yummy! I also throw a little PB2 in with it.”
  • Coach Tara: “I usually look for something with caffeine (because in early mornings I skip my coffee first thing). Also I eat a more low-carb lifestyle so I look for one with only 1 to 2 carbs per scoop.”
  • Coach Nick: “On my way to 4G, I have to blare a song to fire me up for the workout, and for some reason I always eat a clementine on the way.”

Bonus Thing from Coach Joel

  • Favorite Detergent for workout clothes: “Tide plus Febreze Sport – I do a ton of ‘active wear’ laundry each week and I find this works best to keep the stank out!”
Coach Ali

-Coach Ali

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