Farrah lives in Jenison, MI with her husband and 2 kids. Farrah has a Supply Chain Management degree from Michigan State University. She works in Logistics and finds exercise to be an amazing stress relief and a wonderful hobby she can’t live without. Farrah runs 20-25 miles a week for solitude and time of prayer and reflection. She also enjoys group exercise classes such as BIKE for a great sweat, time with friends and a low impact variation! She also loves to lift weights to increase her strength and to tone. Farrah loves that exercise gives her energy and makes her feel her best and enjoys sharing this passion with others. She loves to push herself and others to be the best version of themselves they can be! She can’t wait for you to clip in with her and ride fierce!


What is your favorite sports team?

Michigan State Spartans


What is your favorite cheat meal?



What is your favorite non-fitness hobby?

Going to the beach!