Rowing on the Ergometer


The Row Machine, Ergometer, or Erg, hasn’t always been the most popular choice when it comes to cardio equipment within the gym. It can certainly be intimidating when you aren’t sure how to properly use a machine or really understand the full benefits it provides, so we decided to fill you in on both because we love it! Watch the video above to learn how to use the ergometer and read below for the benefits!


Benefits of the Rowing Machine:

  • Low Impact – there are no pounding on the joints and the stroke is a safe range of motion for the body
  • Total Body Workout – rowing works on all the major muscle groups; legs, core, back, and arms. It’s one of the few exercises that is compound in nature, meaning everything is working at the same time
  • Calorie Burner – You are using so many muscle groups at the same time, you burn calories at a higher, more efficient rate
  • Strength and Cardiovascular Training – one stop shop because you get both heart health and leaner, stronger muscles
  • Effort Over Time – the rowing machine is one that if you put in the effort you don’t have to be on it long for it to be INCREDIBLY effective
Coach Ali

-Coach Ali