Eating Healthy on the Go

Sticking to a healthy diet is difficult enough as it is and being out and about makes it more challenging. Eating healthy on the go may feel like a luxury but keeping these 5 tips in mind will help you on your journey!

1. Where you stop

Where you stop to eat is important. If you choose a fast food restaurant you are more likely to choose unhealthy options. If you can, stop at a grocery store or market; there are more healthy meal options available to you which will help you stay within your parameters easier.

2. Remember protein

You want to make sure you are eating the right amount of protein for your weight and activity level. Whether you have a long drive, a lot of physical activity, or a day at the beach your body still needs high-quality, lean protein.

3. Be prepared

Pack snacks to avoid skipping meals. When on the go you won’t always have easy access to food which may lead to skipping meals. The problem with skipping is your body reacts as if it is facing a food shortage and will slow your metabolism to prevent starving. Plan and have healthy snacks packed for times where you can’t get to food easily!

Easy snack ideas: almonds, walnuts, apples, bananas, protein bars, and protein shakes

4. Avoid “feel bad” foods

These are foods our bodies crave but they leave us without energy. Avoid the following foods: simple carbs such as fruit juices, sodas, and sugary snacks; anything fried; nonfat desserts and sweeteners; anything partially hydrogenated i.e. jiffy peanut butter, nondairy creamer, margarine, and packaged baked goods; excess alcohol.

5. Water

Drink lots of water! Drinking water will flush your body of toxins, keep your skin fresh, and help avoid overeating. Many unhealthy cravings we experience on the go can be satisfied with drinking water!


Coach Meagan

-Coach Meagan

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