Do Yoga Every Day

You’ve heard your Flow coaches talking about practicing yoga daily.

To some that may seem like a massive undertaking, but we wanted to share with you some of the benefits of practicing daily AND what a daily practice can look like.

Practicing daily can look like a 45-minute class at 4G or a 30-minute livestream class online, but it can also look like sitting cross legged on the floor, focusing on your breath for 90 seconds. It could be legs up the wall or child’s pose for 4 minutes to decompress in the afternoon or before you start your day. Yoga every day is more about creating a space for yourself to breathe and be still. Taking time and space for yourself to get centered will shift your perspective, your energy, and your ability to handle whatever life throws at you, and I am pretty sure ANY of us can carve out 2 minutes for a little additional peace in our day.

Benefits of practicing daily…

-Relieves anxiety

-Gets you present here and now

-Shifts your energy and GIVES you energy!

-Helps you be more flexible both in mind and body

-Improves focus

-Relieves everyday aches and pains

….and the list goes on. Below are a few of my favorite restorative poses you can try at home.

Downward facing dog.
Rag doll.
Supta baddha konasana or reclined butterfly.