Crescent Twist

Crescent Twist

Crescent Twist Yoga Flow

Why are twists in yoga SO important? Why do we do them in EVERY class?

If you have taken Flow with us before you know that at the beginning of class, we get right into breath and movement (Sun A’s and Sun B’s). These movements we do in class build heat so that when we get to the Crescent Twist, it can work its magic! All twists in general are viewed as ringing out a dirty dish rag… we are literally twisting out the bad

Crescent twist is the perfect pose to create stability throughout the entire body. Twisting the torso applies pressure to your internal organs, toning them and increasing their abilities to detoxify the body. After twisting, your torso and digestive organs are flushed with oxygen-rich blood, which helps to remove toxins while improving digestion. This pose also stretches and tones the legs, hips, and butt; opens the chest, shoulders and arms. It improves balance and increases both energy and confidence.

The only times you wouldn’t want to twist is if you suffer from high blood pressure, have a knee or spinal issue or women who are pregnant.

To feel the full benefits of a crescent twist, you want the front leg to be bent and there to be sensation of the muscles working. Press through both the center of the front heel as well as the back. With each inhale you fill up your lungs and with each exhale you try to twist the torso more toward the ceiling.

Next class we challenge you to work on this pose with more awareness of the good it’s bringing to your body and brain!



Coach Ali

-Coach Ali

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