Coach Spotlight- Quarantine Edition

Have you been wondering how quarantine is going for your fave coaches? Answer: probably the same as you. There are good days (sunshine, virtual happy hour), and not so good days (rain, tantrums, running out of TP). But for some fun insider info, keep reading.

Outfit of the Day: Sweatpants and/or workout clothes across the board.

Tara – Workout Clothes, so I’m always ready when the urge arises!

Karen – Anything clean…zero motivation to do laundry

Ashley – Yoga pants and a big t-shirt OR when it isn’t freezing outside- a bathing suit on my driveway trying to soak up some sun

Quarantine Hobbies- does Netflix count? Just kidding!

Mel H – Working on fitness moves I haven’t been able to do before. I conquered the TRX pike to hip abduction to head stand and held the head stand for 30 seconds!

Rebecca – Hello! Cooking up good clean eats in the kitchen!

Leah – Nature walks as a family

Cara – anything outside! Walking, running, yard work, hiking….and some indoor decluttering when the weather doesn’t cooperate

Karen – learning to paint and learning to play the Ukulele

Meagan – Being outside, walking the dogs, playing fetch with the good ole lacrosse stick, or going for a run with some good tunes in!

Favorite time to get a workout in: pretty even split between morning/noon/evening!

Tara – whenever the urge arises and I can honestly say it has NOT been 5 am!

Ashley – Whenever motivation strikes. Lately around noon

Leah – ANYTIME it works

Cara – after coffee, before breakfast

Joel – Afternoon/evening for a run

Farrah – My lunch hour, still working from home full time

Bingeworthy TV or Movies- let’s be honest, we’re all doing it!

Meagan – I am a Shonda Rhimes junky so Grey’s and Station 19 but anything Bravo and I am hooked!

Mel B – Anything on Bravo!

Farrah – Keeping up with the Kardashians, Married at First Sight, and just started watching Tiger King…verdict is still out on that bizarre show!!

Rebecca – Little Fires Everywhere or Game of Thrones

Meg S – Schitt’s Creek!

Joel – Schitt’s Creek & Nailed It

AND (most importantly) first thing you will do once this is all over…

Mel B – is this even a question… HUGS for everyone!

Leah – HUG ALL MY PEOPLE and of course take a sweaty yoga class with my besties, moving and breathing TOGETHER!!

Tara – invite all my friends OUT TO EAT!

Mel H – Hug everyone I come into contact with (not strangers) so prepare yourselves!

Cara – Hug all my people and enjoy a night OUT in an actual restaurant with friends and NO KIDS!

Joel – Visit friends FACE to FACE!

Farrah – Hug my mom, cover my grays, get my nails and lashes done, bike class, go out to eat with friends, drop kids off for a weekend at Grandma’s!!!!

Meg S – Hug all my family and friends!!

Ashley – Go out to support local businesses and visit my friends and family!!

Meagan – Hang out with all my friends and family outside of zoom & go to Wanderlux to get pampered!!!!

Rebecca – Pool party with neighbors, friends, and family!!

Karen – Breathe deep and not be afraid. HUG my friends!!!

And that’s a wrap… we miss you all SO MUCH!