Coach Cara Campbell

If you haven’t taken a 4G workout with Cara yet, you should!

Cara started running as an adult to get in shape and to push herself to do something new and challenging. It quickly turned into so much more. “When my mind shifted into viewing fitness as a ‘get to’ rather than a ‘have to’ everything changed. It became FUN, helped me physically keep up with my boys and became a mind, body and soul connection that has been life changing”. While she still loves running, she has found group fitness to be a fun way to combine her love of music to her love of movement, connect with people and push herself physically.

Some fun facts about Cara:

Favorite thing about teaching: The people! Not only is working out with people WAY more fun, this 4G community is the best! It’s such a privilege to teach such positive and encouraging people.

Favorite pump-you-up song: “Natural” by Imagine Dragons

Something people would be surprised to know about you: I’ve always wanted to be a contestant on The Price is Right

Favorite guilty pleasure: Pretty much anything chocolate


Cara’s Schedule:

Tuesday, 4:30pm – LIFT

Thursday, 8:45am – LIFT

While you’re here: