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Is ‘Clean Eating’ Necessary ALL the Time?

We at 4G Athletic know that nutrition and fitness go hand-in-hand. That’s why we’re excited to begin sharing educational and helpful nutrition content with our clients and fans! We love coaching you to success in the gym, and we want you to amplify those results by taking some time to focus on your nutrition.

Let’s start with the basics and talk about food choices. The term “clean eating” is commonly tossed around as something we should all be doing. But is it necessary?

There’s no doubt that clean fuel burns more efficiently, so if you can make some small upgrades to your eating habits, you’ll get better aesthetic and athletic results. (Think about throwing back an Extra Value meal or an apple and string cheese before class…how will you feel during your workout if you eat one instead of the other?) But unless you have a legitimate food allergy or intolerance, it’s not necessary to cut out entire food groups or even remove all processed foods from your diet. In general, you should aim to get 80% of your daily calories from clean, nutrient-dense foods, and the other 20% can be reserved for family pizza night, birthday cakes, and dinners out.


Clean eating has just as many definitions as there are opinions regarding it, but if you want to feel better and get better results, then you’ll want to consider upgrading your food choices. Try eating more vegetables. Use real butter instead of margarine.  Go for oatmeal instead of Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Try whole grain pasta instead of white, and grilled chicken instead of fried. Choose fresh or frozen vegetables instead of canned. Try hummus instead of the mayonnaise-based veggie dip.

These and other small upgrades can add up over time to get you big results!