Cheap Ways to Eat Healthy

Goals like “get healthy” and “save money” are common points of stress constantly on people’s minds. It’s difficult to better your health and not break the bank at the same time, but it IS possible.

Here are a few healthy changes you can make that are cheap, free, or will save you money!

  1. Drink water. More of it. Less soda. You’ll save money, calories, and chemicals.
  2. Cook at home instead of going out. Again, you’ll save money and calories, since almost all restaurant meals are higher calorie than almost anything you eat at home.
  3. Skip the Little Debbies and similar processed snacks. They won’t fill you (or your kids) up, they’ll most likely cause you to crave more sugary snacks…and leaving them out of your cart will leave you with some extra cash.
  4. Write healthy items on your grocery list. Take said list to the store. Stick to the list
  5. Plan your meals. You’ll save gas by going to the grocery store less often, you’ll save money by avoiding the store (you know how it goes…”Oh, that’s on sale, I’ll pick that up too while I’m here.”), and you’ll bypass the temptation to grab a pizza because you won’t be asking “um, what should we have for supper?” at 4pm.
  6. Eat (or freeze) your leftovers. If you’re cooking healthy meals, don’t let those leftovers go to waste. You can eat them for lunch or re-purpose them as soup or casserole.
  7. Skip the cold cereal for breakfast. Include protein in your breakfast, and everyone will stay full longer (meaning less snacks required). Plus, eggs and whole grain toast is almost always cheaper than cold cereal.
  8. Eat more vegetables. They’re good for you for so many reasons. Plus they’ll help fill you up (again, resulting in less snacking), and they’re cheap! (Frozen veggies can be found for under $1/pound, and are almost or just as good for you as fresh)
  9. Drink smoothies. OK, we have to work backwards for this one. But blending up smoothies means that you’re not letting your produce go to waste. Any time greens (spinach, kale, etc.) or fruit are moving towards “over-ripe”, throw it in the freezer. Whenever you’re ready to make a smoothie, throw in all that frozen produce. Healthier than a milkshake, and not throwing out food…win-win.
  10. Make your own sauces, dressings, and seasoning mixes. You’ll avoid all the chemicals, preservatives, and ingredients that you can’t pronounce, you can control the ingredients to suit your dietary needs (lower fat or lower carb), and again, you’ll save a few dollars.


What cheap changes can you make to get healthier this week?