Bring the Joy!

We hope to have announcements soon of when we can move inside. Please know we are ready to go as much as you are but waiting for the full green light and that we can at least be at 50% capacity. Stay tuned!

Bring the Joy!

Our world is feeling heavy right now and so I have been working diligently to find things to help me learn and grow in the past few weeks. I came across a podcast (I LOVE a good podcast!) and I wanted to share the concept that really hit me… it’s all about BRINGING the JOY. I’ve always believed that we shouldn’t be spending our life looking for happiness or relying on happiness in something or someone because it’s fleeting and what happens when that thing or person we put all of our happiness into is gone? I really love what Brendon Burchard writes below about generating your joy and generating your happiness…

“Look, as I’ve always taught, the power plant doesn’t have energy, it generates energy. You don’t have joy; you choose intentionally to generate it. Just like you don’t have happiness, you generate happiness by the way that you think, the way that you behave, the life that you construct. You don’t have sadness, you are constructing it. You are generating sadness.”

I have put the full blog article and podcast below if you want to hear more, it was a really great listen. I think as we all look to start our lives into a “new normal” and we come across challenges and frustrations it’s so important to find ways to generate joy and bring it with you. Bring it with you to 4G, bring it with you to family time, bring it with you to work…how can you shift the energy into the room you walk into and be a bright light?

You ALL bring Meagan, myself, and our 4G team SO much joy and we just want to again say thank you…thank you for your patience with us and your grace and coming back to sweat with us & bringing the JOY with you ?.

You can find the full article, blog and talk HERE

Or listen to the podcast that I originally heard from the link below! (There are TONS of great ones on there).

Ed Mylett Podcast link