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We are excited to be offering a new opportunity: to be a member at 4G Athletic with an unlimited number of 4G classes each month for $84.

Starting January 1st, this new membership option will be replacing our 100 pack and it means you get to come AS MUCH AS YOU WANT!


Unlimited Package:

  • Still book classes online up to 7 days out
  • Still need to cancel 12 hours prior to class in order to not be penalized
  • You get to take as MANY classes as you want at 4G!


We will still have package options available (see below)

As of December 31st you will no longer be able to share packages. How will this work? Whoever is sharing a package will be disconnected. The person who originally purchased the package will have all the credits remaining on their account, the other individuals who were sharing with the person who originally purchased will have no credits on their account. We do not have the ability to transfer credits so please note we are giving plenty of forewarning so that you can handle any sorting out of accounts with the individuals you share with over the next 6 weeks.

100 packs will be available through December 31st and starting January 1st you can sign up for the monthly membership online or at our front desk!

All packages expire 365 days from the date of purchase, no adjustments can be made to this expiration date.

If you have further questions, comments and concerns please feel free to email me at

Coach Ali

-Coach Ali