4 Superfoods You May Not Have Heard Of

“Superfoods” has been a buzz word in the health and wellness industry for the past several years. We have been encouraged to add superfoods to our smoothies and salads and every day eats. Below are some not-so-known superfoods that are easy peasy to add into your diet.

Nutritional Yeast

This low in sodium flavoring option is known well in the vegan and vegetarian world to give foods a “cheesy flavor”. Nutritional yeast gives you iron and serves as a good source for B vitamins.

How do you use it? Throw it in pasta, salad, roasted veggies or even popcorn!

Sesame Seeds

These seeds are a source of fiber, zinc (which may help to shorten the duration of the common cold) and help to boost your immune system.

How do you use it? Add them to your salad or even on top of a pasta or roasted veggies for an added crunch!

Bone Broth

If you haven’t considered bone broth as a part of your weekly eating then you are missing out! Bone broth contains electrolytes, vitamins, minerals and amino acids that regular broth might be lacking. The collagen in bone broth helps support healthy hair, skin and nails and aids in digestion.

How do you use it? You can use bone broth in any recipe that calls for stock or broth. For myself, my FAVORITE way to consume bone broth is cook my pulled chicken in the crock pot with it and I buy K-cups of bone broth from Amazon that can go right in the Keurig for a midafternoon snack and cup of warmth in the cold weather!


Just one 2-cup serving of arugula provides almost half of your daily vitamin A and will boost your vitamin C, iron, fiber and calcium intake as well. Eating dark leafy greens every day has been linked to improved blood glucose, better cardiovascular health and a lower risk for developing certain cancers.

How do you use it? In your salads, add this in with your favorite regular lettuce or leafy greens and it’s always a great addition to your morning or afternoon smoothies!


Coach Ali

-Coach Ali

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