Missing Monday – You are somewhere around 82% more likely to do a 2nd and 3rd workout later in the week if you don’t miss your Monday workout. Get yourself through those doors or do something physical on Monday to start your week off right. I often will sabotage myself when it comes to food and working out by having a bad day on Monday and then thinking, “I’ll just start next week.” Horrible attitude, so make the commitment to always start Monday on the right foot and if for some reason that falls apart…start Tuesday, don’t delay it!

TOO much TOO soon – Don’t over commit, by saying you are going to workout 7 days a week or actually do that the first week of your workouts. You will burn out! Make an achievable goal of 2-3 days a week, if you end up doing 4 then you’re ahead of the game!

Not getting connected – Find some way to connect with your workout and make it FUN!

Need ideas?

  • Find or create an awesome playlist that motivates you to move. A couple apps we love at 4G our FitApp Radio and Spotify.
  • Get a workout buddy. Maybe it’s a friend you go walking with in the morning, or someone you meet at 4G before or after work.
  • Set an appointment with yourself in your planner or on your calendar. Often setting up a plan at the beginning of the week helps to keep you committed through the whole week. Don’t underestimate a plan!
  • Living only in your comfort zone. Switch it up! If you always take Move try Bike, throw in a Flow ALWAYS because we all need it…it’s super important!
  • Not cross training. If you only Bike or Flow you are  missing an opportunity to produce change and challenge in your body, open your mind to trying something different. Life and workouts are all about balance and variety!

You CAN and this year you WILL!

Coach Ali

-Coach Ali

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